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Happy happy happy New Year guys!!! I know, I know, i’m 15 days late, sorry, wa lang jui ma-post! haha :p Sooo… this is my very first entry for 2013… Yehey! aw, hahaha! :)

The Outfit

Long sleeves: Thrifted// Cami: H&M// Peplum Skirt: Gaisano// Shoes: Parisian// Bag: Mango 

Yesterday, I blogged about my last bonding with Val and Cham at SM Cebu. Now this time, it’s in Ayala with Cham, coz she had to meet up with her aunts and cousins at Cafe Laguna, in short, lefa-lefa oks.haha☺

Anyway, I wore an eyelet dress with scalloped hem and paired it with a vest since I didn’t wanna go out (in broad daylight!) wearing a tube dress (lisud nah!commute lang ang peg!haha☺).

Here’s Cham’s version of this blog: anythingariel


The Outfit

Dress: Thrifted// Vest:Thrifted// Sandals: GMall// Bag: Mango// Accessories: Aizilym

Thanks for reading :)

Another fail weather - again, it was raining (early dawn) when I left the house, so the perfect footwear for the weather would have to be the booties (plus it was new, so ‘twas time to show it off.haha☺), and yet again, the rain stopped right before our shift ended. There we were, taking our outfit shots under the blazing hot sun!

The Outfit

Crop top: Gifted// Tube: Thrifted// Jeans: Mango// Bag: Nine West// Booties: Thrifted// Necklace: from Korea

This was my first time to wear a maxi skirt… ever! If you guys have been following my blog, my outfits mostly consist of shorts or pants or knee length dresses and skirts, so just to complete my collection of skirts I bought this one, and oh, it only cost me Php50 (so…why not?haha☺).

The Outfit

Top: Thrifted// Skirt: Thrifted// Sandals: SM Dept Store// Bag: Mango

Thanks for reading :)

We had the chance to visit Big Foot Lapu-Lapu thanks to my friend’s sister, ate Jihan.☺ 

The Outfit

Top: Mango// Shorts: Thrifted// Wedge Sandals: Thrifted// Sunnies: Fly


I apologize for the pics, i accidentally re-sized everything. 

My name is Hi-C and this is my fashion diary.
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